A Letter To You

Life seems, for many, as if we’ve reached a tipping point, marked by struggle, growth, opportunity, and threat. With chronic illness and feelings of loss center stage in our lives and the ripple effects of a pandemic and war straining mental fortitude, people are left hurting and confused. To thrive, we need each other, because no matter how hard we may try, we can’t do it alone. We need faith, connection, and as Matthew Kelly writes a "uniquely nurturing environment". We need solace. This is what it means to us.

As a family of 6 built around family, home, wellness, and faith and with a love for entrepreneurship, culture, and sustainability, this vision was born from a strong desire to connect to others with similar needs and with hopes to bring solutions and solace to our homes and drained communities, especially our youth.  Specifically, if, like us and so many others, you have experience with unexplained and confusing chronic symptoms like eczema and other skin reactions, chemical allergies like fragrance, autoimmune disease, cancer, extreme fatigue, brain fog, migraines, gut issues, and/or multiple food intolerances, then you already know how quickly and how severely the wrong products can impact daily life.

With help though, despite our struggle, we can keep showing up, for ourselves and each other, in a uniquely supported way, starting in our homes and extending to our communities. 

We believe in hard work. We also believe slowing down and simplifying leads to progress, in so many good ways. We value connection over competition and a sustainable culture over a disposable one. As a business, we care about the bottom line, the triple bottom line; people, planet, and profit.  So all of this to say, if this resonates with you, you are here, in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. Thanks for being here and here's to showing up as our full selves. We'll bring the solace.